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Manufacture Buyback

Here, at Atlanta Best Used Cars, we take great pride in the vehicles that we offer for sale, and we work hard to provide you with the highest quality vehicles while still achieving the best value that your money can buy in the pre-owned vehicle market.

What is a Manufacture Buyback?

Buyback vehicles are most commonly known as vehicles repurchased by the manufacturer due to an issue, defect, back-ordered replacement part or merely a complaint.

For example, a vehicle can be repurchased as a show of goodwill by the manufacturer to resolve a customer's dissatisfaction even if there is no evidence that a real problem exists. We have found this to be particularly common with manufacturers of luxury vehicles.

In some cases, there may be a reported mechanical issue that could not be located or repaired by a service technician and a Master Technician is needed to diagnose it.

In still others, it may take longer than seems reasonable for a dealership to receive a part needed for a repair, and rather than wait over 30 days, the customer instead requests that the vehicle be repurchased.

A buyback vehicle must be returned to the original manufacturer's standards and backed by a manufacturer's warranty before it can be sold to the public, and that is mandated by state law. The vehicles continue to carry the remaining balance of the factory warranty coverage which remains fully intact and most vehicles that are bought back also carry an additional 1-year limited warranty on concerns relating to the buyback even if the original factory warranty has expired.

Our View on Manufacture Buyback?

For many years, our customers have seen great value in the buyback vehicles we offer, and we strongly believe these vehicles to be an excellent value to all our future customers. We recommend and offer all our customers an opportunity to have their vehicle of choice inspected prior to purchase. Keep in mind, the majority of our vehicles are covered under warranty.

We stand behind the vehicles we sell and would even be willing to purchase our vehicles back from our customers even if they decide they don't want to purchase their next vehicle from us. We would strongly urge anyone who would like to buy a high-quality vehicle at thousands of dollars in savings to consider a Manufacture Buyback with the same confidence that we have in them.